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Its Time for Bulk SMS Action in Media and Entertainment Industry

Bulk SMS for Media & Entertainment is a group of sub-industries devoted to entertainment. Reaching out to people on their personal number is the most effective way to let people in a particular target market know of an event – be it a corporate conference or a rock concert! 

Entertainment industry is used to describe the mass media companies that control the distribution and manufacture of mass media entertainment. Generally, the entertainment industry includes the fields of theatre, film, fine art, dance, opera, music, literary publishing, television, and radio.

The widespread industry of Media and Entertainment encompasses Television, Radio, Movies, Music, Theatre, Games, Home Entertainment, Cinema, Art and Culture and many more. Considered one of the most creative and interesting sector, Media and Entertainment seems to be growing each and every day with many events, media and entertainment companies emerging across the globe . Known for its dynamic opportunities, lot more youngsters are getting attracted to this new mantra of Media entertainment.

SMS mobile marketing is rapidly gaining ground as the most important publicity channel for entertainment businesses. Media, Multimedia and Entertainment industry are getting benefits of the Bulk SMS messaging daily around the globe. The Bulk SMS is very economic, effective and customer- targeted service for them.

Bulk SMS Services for Media and Entertainment Industry

Jazz up your promotions
Have a new show or event coming up? Boost participation by sending media-rich personalized SMS campaigns in more than 20 regional languages using easy and powerful Dove Soft Technologies UI. Track engagement with click data, and finetune your message content and campaign times for maximum impact.

Drum up audience involvement

Don't wait for the audience to call in to vote. Get them to pick winners on your FM/TV channel game shows and reality shows using inbound SMS to short codes or long codes, or just by giving a missed call to dedicated numbers. Run opinion polls too the same way.

Build a relationship
Ask your audience to opt-in to receive new event updates and promotions by sending an SMS to your inbox or by giving a missed call. Sit back and see your opt-in database grow.

Seamlessly manage ticket invites
Event ticketing has gotten a lot easier with Dove Soft Technologies . You can now create and send ticket invites for your events via Dove Soft Technologies and simply scan and redeem them at the venue using our mobile app.

Expand online readership
Get faster response to online newspaper and magazine subscription expansion efforts by promoting your mobile apps via SMS along with a direct download link.