SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Bulk SMS Marketing for Ecommerce for sending alert sms to your customers. It is no longer a tiny pond of few players but a massive ocean with multiple brands offering various products and services. From medicines and clothing to fitness equipment and furniture, everything is available online today. The e-com industry also witnessed massive growth during the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. This has made it evident that the eCommerce industry is here to stay, and it will only grow bigger and broader. 

This new growth in the industry has increased the demand for fast, efficient, reliable and round-the-clock communication. Hence, more and more brands are switching to bulk SMS service to keep customers updated about logistical and transactional information, order details, promotional updates, new launches, discounts and sales, etc. 

Bulk SMS Marketing for Ecommerce industry has evolved in a long way keeping “Netizens” glued to their computers or smart phones 24/7 accessing one or the information over the Internet. Online shopping portals, electronic fund transfers, blogs, social networking sites, gaming zones, browsing web portals, processing online transaction, surfing Internet based jobs, etc have increased over a period of time. It is a need of an hour for online portals and e-Commerce companies to stay connected with their customers giving them timely updates and offer details regularly.Bulk SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Bulk SMS Marketing for Ecommerce Industry

Furthermore with the use of Bulk Messaging Service , one can send out messages to wider customer base at a click of a button. Sending out SMS regarding product launches, special offers, sale details, warm greetings, delivery status, Signup details, Password reset, payment confirmation and many more helps online customers to navigate portals and transact in a secured manner.

Though it saves lot of time and money for people in the business of online portals and e-Commerce, it adds value to their customer satisfaction. Even promotional bulk SMS can be sent out to large customer database. This will attract more and more online viewers to do online transactions. Moreover, bulk Messaging service being a two way communicator, can help e-Commerce and Online Portal companies to get instant and genuine feedback from the customers.

Also users and customers can send out queries, complaints and other general enquires to online vendors via SMS. This will help to build strong trustworthy relationship between the two parties.

Dove Soft Technologies  is a one-stop communication solution for all online portals and e-Commerce companies. We offer reliable bulk messaging service at a competitive price right from sending out SMS greetings to transactional SMS to promotional SMS to all your customers.

Our messaging service will ensure a smooth online experience for its net users. Our fast and instant services at Dove Soft Technologies will help to reach out to large section of audience across the world offering round the clock support to all your clients and customers.