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SMS for Courier & Logistics

Considered one of the premium services, over the years the Bulk SMS for Courier & Logistics sector has come a long way while delivering goods and services within the stipulated time. With every other industry adopting globalization, these Couriers and Logistic companies have also witnessed few worthy changes in the way of its processing. 

Smooth trading facilities, accepting new technologies and increasing market demand have given rise to competitive markets allowing positive growth and long-term business for Courier and Logistic sector.

Though postal and other mail delivery services are still available in the market, courier and logistics services have been forefront considering the speed, security and modernized methods used for delivering consignment. People today rely more on ‘just-on-time’ deliverables across the globe.

In order to improve the service level of logistics and transportation, SMS messaging service has proved to be an efficient mode for communication. It becomes necessary for every company to inform clients about the consignment delivery status, track consignment whereabouts, send out alerts and important updates and many more features regarding delivery status. 

For all this SMS service proves to be a vital tool to connect with the end user. SMS alerts can also be provided while the consignment is on transit. Bulk SMS for Courier & Logistics companies to build trust among its customers and clients.

Bulk SMS for Courier & logistic Industry

Combine the Dove Soft Technologies Bulk SMS Service with OTP Service,  RCS Messaging Service and WhatsApp Business API Service to give limitless experience to your partners and customers. This will help to reduce the cost involved in setting up customer care centers and will make the work much easier. For the transportation department also alerts, instructions or updates can be instantly sent to drivers so that they deliver products on given time.

Even Services can improve a lot on business communications for both companies as well its clients involved in Courier and Logistics services. Quick and instant messages can be delivered anytime and anywhere to masses at large. One of the simplest and cost effective measures, bulk messaging proves to be gaining popularity among the Courier and Logistics industries.

Movers and Packers, Third-Party Logistics, Logistics cells of enterprise business have been using SMS technology to improve its efficiency. Our Dove Soft Technologies facilitates Bulk SMS services to advertise, market, communicate and delivery perfect Management Information system for these Courier and Logistics Companies. We take pride in offering SMS services for getting orders, picking up parcels and packages, notifying track records about the parcel details and providing information regarding prices, any discounts offers, new proposals, enquiries, suggestion or information to our Courier and Logistics clients.

As it is a known fact, Courier and Logistic services are time bound services, it becomes essential for them to delivery their services on time. If they do not deliver their services on assured time, they may lose out customers, which may indirectly affect their business. With our bulk messaging services, we help them to deliver their services on time while achieving better customer satisfaction level