Advertising Agencies

Bulk SMS for Advertising Agencies has been the finest advertising tool for Advertising and Event Management Industry.

  • Today world is talking about various advertising and selling techniques, brand promotions, in-house event management services to promote their end product.
  • Print ads.
  • TV Promos.
  • Large billboards.
  • Diversified social media sites
  • And web platforms are few of the brand promotion practices adopted by these industries.

Currently, with the increase in mobile penetration and every individual possessing a mobile phone. It has made the brand promotion using bulk SMS advertising, job much easier. The use of bulk SMS advertising by the advertisers and brand promoters have indeed become an effective means to promote a brand or a product. It also promises to reach out specific market targets at a single shot and is much secured as compared to other promotional activities.

SMS Marketing for Advertising

Bulk SMS marketing is finest marketing tool for every industry. It helps you to reach your customers and clients easily. SMS is opened and read more than any other form of advertising or communication making Bulk SMS a power full way to reach customers. If you have marketing company or an advertising agency, than you can use SMS marketing to get more clients and reach your existing customers. As an advertising company you can also run campaign on behalf of your clients, to help them connect with their own customers.

While most of these companies depend on branding and marketing strategies. They tend to spend a lot on visual and audio ads. This in turn consumes lot of time and money. With the help of bulk SMS service, these advertising and event management houses find their work easier and much faster.Branding Businesses follow unique bulk SMS advertising to get latest updates or reaction about the product.

  • To get quick reviews.
  • Responses.
  • Surveys or product polling.

These services are quite handy and effective. We provide bulk SMS advertising to promote ads via SMS to all existing and new prospect customers. We help you to build relation with all your old and new customers. Advertiser and Event Managers can use these bulk SMS services to disseminate information as follow.

  • Related to product launches.
  • Brand promotional activities.
  • Limited time period for product sale events.
  • Creating brand awareness.
  • Highlighting best of product value.
  • And many more services for building brand image.

Our services will highlight your brand name in the industry. Advertising using SMS is the most flexible way to build brand name among these industry. And we create a personal touch by sending out SMS to each individual.