Unveiling OTP Less Service: Revolutionising Customer Verification

Welcome to the digital realm, where the intricacies of perplexity and the artful burstiness of language converge to redefine the landscape of customer authentication. At Dove Soft Limited, we present a groundbreaking solution, the OTPLess Service, a paradigm shift in the way we verify customers without the encumbrance of traditional OTPs.

Request a Quote: A Symphony of Authentication Possibilities

In the symphony of authentication, OTPLess orchestrates a seamless experience with versatile verification methods. Utilising Whatsapp, Missed-call, Smart Link, Voice Call, and Email, our innovative product transcends conventional boundaries.

Features Elevating Authentication to Effortless Precision

OTPfree: The Epitome of Hassle-Free Authentication

Embark on a journey of one-tap authentication, where mobile numbers and email-ids find validation effortlessly. This revolutionary approach not only accelerates the authentication process but also enhances security and cost-effectiveness.

By Whatsapp: A Dance of QR Codes and Autogenerated Messages

Engage in the dance of QR codes as you effortlessly send autocomposed Whatsapp messages, culminating in the swift verification of your mobile number.

By Missed-Call: A Nod to Classic Verification

For those who appreciate the classics, employ the timeless method of verification through missed calls, complete with the option of SMS OTP for a touch of familiarity.

By Email: A Symphony of QR Codes and Autogenerated Emails

Immerse yourself in the symphony of QR codes, seamlessly validating your email-id through auto generated emails. Simplify the authentication journey with a mere scan.

Igniting Business Growth

Unlock the potential for business growth as you transition from SMS-based authentication to a time-saving, efficient alternative. Many entrepreneurs find that the liberation from SMS constraints allows them to focus on pivotal business aspects.

Unveiling the Mechanics: A Trio of Effortless Steps

1. Scan QR Code

Initiate the authentication process by scanning the QR code. For SMS and Voice-call verification, enter your mobile number with ease.

2. Send Autogenerated Message

For SMS and Voice-call verification, enter the received code and send an autogenerated Whatsapp or Email. A choreography of verification unfolds effortlessly.

3. Authentication Completion

Witness the denouement of the process – your mobile number and email-id, authenticated with precision. An authentication journey culminating in success.

Scalable Solutions: Tailored to Your Growth Trajectory

Embark on your authentication journey with OTPLess through our scalable plans:

Starter: Up to 5000 Authentication Attempts with Integration Support

Explorer: Up to 100,000 Authentication Attempts with Priority Email Support

Professional: Up to 400,000 Authentication Attempts with Support Over Phone

Join the ranks of Dove Soft and witness heightened productivity. Commence your trial today, and our dedicated team will guide you through the implementation, showcasing how our platform adds significant value to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions: Navigating the Terrain of Knowledge

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Let Conversations Flow: Where Compromise Finds No Refuge

In the pursuit of seamless communication, Dove Soft presents OTPLess, where terms and conditions safeguard privacy, ensuring an unhindered flow of dialogue.

Ready to embark on a journey where every conversation flows without compromise? Request a demo today and witness the transformative power of OTPLess.

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