Features that makes authentication hassle-free!

OTPfree provides one-tap authentication that allows users to authenticate their mobile number and email-id. It makes the authentication process faster, more secure and more cost effective.

By Whatsapp

Scan QR code and send autogenerated whatsapp message. That's it, your mobile number is verified.

By Missed-Call

Want to use classic method to verify mobile number!!! don't worry we have SMS OTP option also.

By Email

Scan QR code and send autogenerated Email. That's it, your email-id is verified.

Increase your business

Many business owners using SMS find that the time saving benefits frees them up to focus on what really matters - the growth of business

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How it works - 3 easy steps

  • Scan QR code

    For SMS and Voice-call enter your mobile number.

  • Send autogenerated whatsapp or email.

    For SMS & Voice-call enter received code.

  • It's done.

    Your mobile number and Email-id is authenticated.

Start for free and scale as you grow


Upto 5000 Authentication Attempts Integration Support


Upto 1,00,000 Authentication Attempts Priority email support


Upto 4,00,000 Authentication Attempts Support over phone


our contact forms are user friendly. You can reach us seamlessly through such forms and our account manager will reach to assist you.

It is case based, the refunds are initiated based on the cases where clients can reach their account manager, raise the dispute and once the results are satisfactory refunds are initiated. We do not refund on any spam/phishing/illegal etc.

Yes, We do provide Global Coverage. Our Standard Rates are available in the products column. For Best Rates, we request you to reach us and we assist you with the suitable options.

You can reach your account manager who can help you with all the appropriate suggestions and assign you with best plans. We make sure your rates are better and upto market price.

We provide online mode like Credit cards, Paypal as well as offline mode like Bank transfers.

Yes, the Delivery reports are available on both Web Portals & API module. You can test our services before pursuing toward Payments